I see how everyone says Yechon is the best in the area but I drive all the way from Gaithersburg, Maryland because even though tons of Korean restaurants have popped up here, nothing compares to Yechon. You will never be disappointed with the food here. I love the spicy pork  It’s a great atmosphere to gather with friends or family, anytime, given its 24 hour open schedule. You will get hoooked!

Sonia P., Yelp

For a 24 Hour Restaurant to be this great is simply amazing. Food is consistent, service fast though it’s crowded pretty much all the time. I am simply amazed at this restaurant. My favorite is beef bibimbap hot pot. The hot pot comes sizzling hot and rice has burnt crust as it still continues to cook. That’s the part I like. There are about six condiments that come and I like their potato salad best followed by kimchi.

Yori O, tripadvisor

This place is good. At this place the menu is better suited for everyone. The wait staff speaks English can actually explain everything to you. The food was so good fresh with a bunch of little plates that come out with. We loved the atmosphere the sushi is so fresh and the seafood pancakes one big one really good crispy, outside good amount of veggies and seafood on the inside. And for the amount of food it wasn’t that expensive. We are going back soon and week try done more Korean favorites.

Dmitry D., Yelp