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Welcome to Yechon

Korean & Japanese Restaurant

The perfect place to enjoy the life and food. Looks can be misleading, with its low-slung roof, brown wood siding and splash of neon, from the outside this restaurant could pass dor a cowoy bar. Open the doors, though, and you’ll discover another world : a room bustling with costumed waitresses, pouring and ladling soup, and an SRO crowd of animated diners, many of them hip, young and Korean American.


Still the best (open 24 hours, 7 days) Korean restaurant in Annandale. Yechon has been opened for years and years and years, over 2 decades (or longer) as far as I can remember. With good customer service and good food. Day or late night, you can expect Yechon to have good food that’ll satisfy your hunger for Korean food any time of the day!

Julie H., yelp

The 24-hour Korean barbecue joint fills with post-clubbing crowds on the weekends, but locals flock here on weeknights, too. Highlights are the bulgogi (thinly sliced beef) and galbi (beef short ribs) both dripping with a sweet, smoky marinade and grilled right on your table. Every entree comes with banchan, an array of small starters such as kimchi and cold mashed potatoes, pictured.

Late-Night Munching At Its Most Delicious, washingtonpost
My son said it was a must and I agree after having visited. We sat at a table with a grill that cooked our meats. We were also served multiple side dishes to go with our cooked meats which are eaten wrapped in lettuce. The place is very busy and we had to wait about 20 minutes for our table which was well worth the wait. Service was excellent. If you are in for something different that is a real treat you have to visit Ye Chon.
William D, tripadvisor